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Oracle Day by Day earns our 13th Digital Innovation Award for Analytics

Posted by Mark Smith on Oct 23, 2020 3:00:00 AM

The annual Ventana Research Digital Innovation Awards showcases advances in the productivity and potential of business applications, as well as technology that contributes significantly to improved efficiency and productivity in the processes and the performance of an organization. Our goal is to recognize technology and vendors that have introduced noteworthy digital innovations that advance business and IT.

Ventana_Research_13th_Digital_Innovation_Awards_Winner-4Ventana Research has awarded Oracle Day by Day its 2020 Digital Innovation Award for Analytics. This award recognizes the technology vendor that best exemplifies innovation in the application of analytics.


Organizations operate with the purpose of achieving specific outcomes with optimal levels of efficiency. To do so requires insight from analytics and data about the organization itself, its business processes and its assets, including customers, employees and products. Gathering these insights is not easy. Analytics requires process and science that can harness its potential and be accessible for all, no matter the level or responsibility. Unfortunately, analytics often leads to visualizations and dashboards that are not easily understood by all individuals in an organization. Therefore, we assert that by 2023, three-quarters of organizations will need to transition beyond existing visualization-oriented analytics to those that provide personalized insights that can be read or heard.

Oracle Analytics is a comprehensive technology platform with a set of tools that provide data visualization, enterprise reporting, scenario modeling and mobile analytics with natural language processing/generation. The platform operates in the cloud, on premises, or through a hybrid model useable by everyone from business analysts to workers. The latest innovation, Oracle Day by Day, is included with Oracle Analytics Cloud, and learns what you are interested in, when and where you are interested in it and who you like to share and work with, then displays the data in ready-to-use analytical visualizations. These analytics cards update continuously throughout the day based on business activity and who you collaborate with. Oracle Analytics Day by Day interacts through natural language voice and search, and communicates with other mobile devices throughout the organization to develop recommendations about colleagues with whom to engage and collaborate.

Oracle Day by Day was selected for its focused innovation on the mobile device and the analytics experience. The platform effectively leverages the device as a tool for gaining insights and enables collaboration with everyone from analysts to management to workers. Through the use of machine learning and personalization, the tool can recommend and support an individual’s needs in their role and responsibilities. Oracle’s native mobile experience allows users to talk directly to the application and get results, simplifying the analytics experience for the broader organization. This smart engagement of analytics is a key part of gaining business value from an investment in this technology.

If you have not had a chance to assess Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Day by Day for your organization needs, the company and its products are well worth your time to evaluate. Congratulations Oracle for your continued innovation.


Mark Smith

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Mark Smith

Written by Mark Smith

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