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Reltio Connected Customer 360 earns our 13th Digital Innovation Award for Marketing

Posted by Mark Smith on Oct 21, 2020 3:00:00 AM

The annual Ventana Research Digital Innovation Awards showcases advances in the productivity and potential of business applications, as well as technology that contributes significantly to improved efficiency and productivity in the processes and the performance of an organization. Our goal is to recognize technology and vendors that have introduced noteworthy digital innovations that advance business and IT.

Ventana_Research_13th_Digital_Innovation_Awards_Winner-3Ventana Research has awarded Reltio and Connected Customer 360 its 2020 Digital Innovation Award for Marketing. This award acknowledges the technology vendor that best exemplifies innovation in the applications and technologies that support marketing.


The pressure is on marketing leadership and organizations to engage the industry with knowledge. This requires that access to intelligence about customers and potential buyers exists, which necessitates a unified view of internal and externally available data. The resulting customer data platform (CDP) provides an efficient foundation to enable operational support of marketing and engaging customers, eliminating the silos of data and ineffective methods in marketing and customer systems that exist today. This challenge is addressed in our market assertion that by 2022, one-half of marketing organizations will have transitioned from marketing automation to digital experience marketing that is focused on delivering frictionless interactions across all channels and devices.

In its Connected Customer 360 platform, Reltio brings focus to managing enterprise data unification for effective customer engagement. A modern data platform enables hyper-personalization, supports real-time operations and simplifies compliance management with consent and awareness of privacy regulations. Reltio Connected Customer 360 enables the integration of hundreds of internal and external data sources and helps complete customer profiles based on interactions, transactions, channel preferences, behaviors and any needed attributes. The platform also enables you to track interactions across all channels, whether online, in store or across mobile applications. With this visibility, your organization can better understand sales prospect and customer needs throughout the buying cycle, including as they evaluate, compare and buy products.

Ventana Research selected Reltio for its technological innovation and commitment to helping marketing organizations reach their full potential using its CDP to unify the customer profile and view, thereby enabling effective engagement and interactions. Reltio’s cloud-based platform, with its digital experience designed for business and marketing professionals, is easily managed and assessed to ensure effective use and to follow any regulatory compliance requirements. Organizations need an independent CDP such as Reltio’s that can operate across a range of marketing, sales, commerce and CX applications and universally support any channel of interaction.

If you have not had a chance to assess Reltio for your marketing organization needs, the company and its products are well worth your time to evaluate. Congratulations Reltio for your continued innovation.


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Mark Smith

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