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Talemetry Finds and Verifies Candidates Better than Others

Posted by Mark Smith on Jun 7, 2012 11:12:19 AM

Talent Technology software finds and verifies candidates for hire in organizations that use it, as I discussed in my analysis last year. The company’s newly announced product Talemetry Verify provides candidate screening and assessment to help recruiters and job seekers.

Improving efficiency and quality in the hiring process is part of our research agenda in human capital management for 2012. But being efficient in time to hire is not as critical as the quality of hire, which is the most important recruiting metric in 88 percent of organizations, according to our social media in recruiting benchmark research. Making the right hire helps ensure that more unnecessary hiring is not done and time lost trying to assimilate the wrong candidate. With Verify, Talent Technology can provide another layer of value in its offering directly and in support of its own and partners’ applicant tracking systems.

Talent Technology built Verify on top of the technology it acquired in HR Integrations and its HR business process and workflow integration systemHR Services Network (HRNX). This technology enables recruiting and HR professionals to assess and screen candidates within the applicant tracking system, rather than using separate applications and authentication services, which adds time and manual effort during which there is an increased risk of errors.

The new application integrates with an applicant tracking system (ATS) to handle background checks, assessment, drug testing, tax credit verification, video interviewing and I9 requirements. These capabilities are supplied through services from vendors including eScreen, Quest Diagnostics, TalentWise and Wonderlic. The application provides a wizard and step-by-step approach for ease of use.

Talent Technology earlier this year released a new application called Talemetry Match that can help find and match candidates to a position, potentially shortening the time and improving the quality of sourcing. It employs a sophisticated search capability to find candidates that match a position profile across the entire talent pool network, including social networks, job boards and applicant tracking systems. The search provides both conceptual and keyword-level parameters that, once compared against qualifications and skills, can save substantial time in building the best list of candidates to review. The candidate information can be populated from Talemetry Apply, which has new improvements that include the ability to extract information from sources such as LinkedIn. It also provides a simpler experience for the candidate who wants to apply for the position and grant permission to share information into the application process.

Talent Technology’s Talemetry applications simplify and improve the quality of the recruiting process, from marketing to verification. The software’s ability to find candidates through search and match is a leap forward for recruiting. I personally like the integration with social media, because as we know, these sites are where younger talent will be found. Our benchmark in social media and recruiting found that the ability to source candidates through the social media channel is one of the five most important capabilities for 72 percent of organizations.

Talent Technology empowers mainstream talent management application suite vendors with the ability to embed its capabilities, but it also offers its software directly to customers. I would like to see the company enhance social collaboration among candidates and employers to enable more electronic and social dialogue, which is the method of communication that the new generation of workers prefers to engage in.

Take a look at Talent Technology to see how its new verification and matching applications work, as they are becoming a standard for binding the entire marketing-to-hire process.


Mark Smith – CEO & Chief Research Officer

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Mark Smith

Written by Mark Smith

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