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Embrace Your Customers and Buyers with Digital Values

Posted by Mark Smith on Apr 2, 2020 3:07:18 PM

I would like to share some of my thoughts on COVID-19 and the challenges organizations are facing as they strive for business continuity and digital engagement with customers and buyers. As the global and US numbers get worse by the day, the pandemic is impacting life as we knew it and also leaves people (many in new forms of isolation) yearning for a bit of normalcy during these strange times.


As the global and US numbers get worse by the day, the pandemic is impacting life as we knew it and also leaves people yearning for a bit of normalcy during these strange times.

Over the past few weeks, I have pored over many organizations’ COVID-19 communications establishing their level of customer commitment. The client communication that I sent underscores our commitment to our client experience by delivering flexibility and opportunities through our services. These messages demonstrate a critical step towards focusing resources and capabilities to meet the needs of the workforce and customers. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of COVID-related communications is overwhelming and there is no escaping it. In the future, and possibly soon, the time will come when no one will want to hear mention of COVID-19, as it will bring up negative memories of hard times.

To prepare for the outcome we all desire, it is essential in the coming weeks to remain helpful and positive with your customers and buyers. We need to help ease tension and delight all those who do business with us – in both the present and the future – by providing value that enables them to achieve success for their organization and their own career. This requires that we rethink what we are providing and what could be useful for them and move beyond the references to or reminders of COVID-19.

Your marketing and sales organizations depend on articulating great value in their digital and virtual interactions with customers and buyers. Is that information – how to be smarter with using your products, industry best practices, the benefits of becoming more agile with technology – effectively anticipating the needs of your audience? Are they providing insights on relevant topics and looking to engage customers and buyers digitally with a range of enjoyable, educational topics over a variety of mediums to help them achieve a level of normalcy during their work hours and beyond?

We will be sharing our best practices in digital marketing effectiveness in the coming week to provide ideas and guidance for our clients. Together, let’s reimagine what we can provide our customers and buyers and help them thrive with our expertise and education and your technology.

Please send me a direct message and let me know your thoughts on how our firm can help you on your digital journey. This is our Ventana eXperience commitment.

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Mark Smith

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Mark Smith

Written by Mark Smith

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