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Informatica Focuses Integration on Lines of Business

Posted by Mark Smith on Feb 8, 2011 5:32:41 PM

At this year’s Informatica industry analyst conference (Twitter: #INFAAnalyst) to update the research and industry analyst community on its data integration and information infrastructure products. Looking back on my analysis of the company’s 2010 analyst summit, I see Informatica has made significant progress in gaining adoption of its products and influencing the new business technology landscape. Strong performance across the financial, product and customer dimensions helped it generate more than $650 million in revenue last year . In an economy in which the technology sector as a whole fell short of financial targets and customer growth goals, Informatica proved that it is possible to profit from an integrated set of technologies that help IT departments rationalize systems and achieve efficiencies in data management across databases and applications.

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Topics: Application Migration, Cloud Computing, Data Integration, Information Management, Business Intelligence (BI), Information Management (IM), Sales Performance Management (SPM), Workforce Performance Management (WPM)