Broken Analytics and BI? Natural Language and Notifications Can Help

If we look at the focus of technology vendors for analytics and business intelligence or business applications providers deploying these capabilities in the last five years, we see that they have...Read more

Salesforce Fails Again in Customer Experience

More than a year ago I wrote from personal experience about the challenges our firm encountered with Salesforce’s cloud computing systems and customer service and if we can trust them for business in...Read more

Compensation Management Software Vendors Evaluated in Value Index

Compensation and the processes and systems to support it are at the center of success in every organization, as I have noted recently. In our view, an investment in total compensa­tion...Read more

Supercharge Sales Analytics with Digital Technologies

Our firm regularly explores the impacts of new technologies on business. Analytics is foremost among recently emerging technologies, which our benchmark research consistently confirms. In our...Read more

Prepare and Wrangle Data for Sales Analytics

The importance of analytics for sales organizations is clear and, as I pointed out in my recent analyst perspective on the next generation of sales analytics, these capabilities optimize revenue...Read more

Effective Compensation Systems Transforms Human Capital Management

Compensation management is essential for any organization that values engaging and retaining its employees. It is a fundamental component of a range of personnel-related activities – recruiting and...Read more

New Generation of Sales Analytics Can Optimize Revenue Potential

I have been following advances in sales analytics since the 1990s. Over the last five years, however, I have seen evolution, not innovation. In most cases the information that analytics provides is...Read more

Cloudera Strengthens Big Data for Business and IT

Cloudera provides database and enabling technology for the big data market and overall for data and information management. As my colleague David Menninger has written, the big data and information...Read more

Optimizing the Business of Selling in 2017

I am happy to provide my personal perspective on the potential of sales organizations, processes and technology to supercharge business activity in 2017. The sales processes of organizations –...Read more

Leaders in Workforce Management Software for 2017

Workforce management is a key topic of expertise for Ventana Research. We define workforce management as the set of activities and processes organizations use to manage their hourly and salaried...Read more

New Potential for Human Capital Management in 2017

Human capital management (HCM) offers a prime opportunity for organizations and their human resource professionals to make employee-related processes effective in engaging and retaining the...Read more

Ventana Research Unveils New Digital Marketing Mastery

Today’s rapid changes in technology have left many companies behind in the digital transformation that is shaping the future of marketing, sales, commerce and client engagement. At Ventana Research...Read more

Allocadia Enables Excellence in Managing and Operating Marketing

The relevance of marketing to an organization depends on planning and performance measured against it. In writing about marketing management I have observed the marketing mayhem that can occur...Read more

Marketing Planning Improves Performance

As global business increases competitive pressures, marketing departments face new challenges. They must anticipate and respond to frequently changing customer preferences and produce effective...Read more

The Mastery of Marketing Performance Management

Managing marketing performance is anything but simple. It requires establishing a unified approach to assess the outcomes of initiatives and projects and compare results with investments in marketing...Read more

Is NetSuite Sweet for Customers?

It’s widely agreed that customer experience is now the most important dynamic for business. Any organization that wants to retain loyal and even vocal customers should do everything possible to...Read more

Next Generation of Product Information Management Empowers Digital Business

Organizations in all industries face various difficulties in managing product information. The most serious is providing complete, engaging information to consumers and customers on the internet....Read more

Mr. President and Department of Labor: Move Aside; Let Employees Work and Learn

Through a federal rule referred to as “Overtime Rule” and part of Title 29 regulations was issued on May 18th, 2016 by the Department of Labor (DOL), the Obama administration now mandates that unless...Read more

Can We Trust Salesforce for Business in the Cloud?

I have been meaning to write about Salesforce since its Dreamforce 2015 conference. Salesforce provides a platform, tools and applications for business and IT who claims to be the ‘no software’...Read more

Digital Business Innovation and Enterprise Messaging Work Well Together

Organizations are facing a digital transformation, as I have written, that is rapidly changing the applications and services that businesses use to operate and deliver information. This new...Read more

New Generation of Compensation Software Enhances Human Capital Management

Compensation management is a key activity for engaging all employees and thus for human capital management. I discussed this connection in my perspective on unifying human capital management. In...Read more

New Generation of Enterprise Messaging Supports Digital Transformation

Enterprise messaging is the technology backbone of communications for applications and systems within and between organizations. Both its importance and its complexity are growing as organizations...Read more

Zuora Enables Subscriptions to Engage Customers for Revenue Results

As the global economy transforms into a world of digital services that cross industries, including those that provide value-added services for physical products, managing the complications that arise...Read more

Docebo Innovates Learning Management Systems for Employees and Customers

The learning management system (LMS) offers opportunity for organizations to progressively enhance the effectiveness of their workforce. An advanced LMS can be more than a digital version of an...Read more

Meridian Helps Communities and Customers with Learning Management System

In this highly competitive age, optimizing the potential of workers is essential. A learning management system (LMS) can increase both knowledge and engagement. Our benchmark research on...Read more

Mastering Marketing Mayhem in a Meaningful, Meticulous Manner

I hope this title captures your attention; I’m trying to make a point about the chaos going on in managing and operating marketing. What marketing needs in 2016 is to manage and optimize its efforts...Read more

Supercharging Sales and Commerce in 2016

For several years I have been advocating that sales organizations adapt their processes and applications to optimize both sales performance and the customer experience. For details see my research...Read more

Qlik Makes Sense of its Analytics and Business Value

At the 2015 technology analyst summit in Austin, Texas, analytics and business intelligence software vendor Qlik discussed recent market and product developments and explained its roadmap and...Read more

Unifying Human Capital Management in 2016

Businesses and their human resource organizations feel pressure to maximize the value of their human capital in today’s intensely competitive world. Many have made or considered investments in new...Read more

Digital Technology Agenda for Business in 2016

Technology innovation is accelerating faster than companies can keep up with. Many feel pressure to adopt new strategies that technology makes possible and find the resources required for necessary...Read more

Workday Works Wonders on Platform for HCM

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software category that includes an array of business applications that includes human resources and finance. Workday is a vendor at the center of a new...Read more

Stibo Systems Continues to Advance PIM for Business and IT

Stibo Systems has been providing product information management (PIM) software for decades. Its work has helped many organizations worldwide take control of their product information by developing a...Read more

Domo Delivers on Managing Business Performance

Over the last four years Domo, a new brand in cloud-based data and analytics software, has worked to enable its customers to understand, collaborate and act on data to achieve business results. Led...Read more

Informatica Navigates Carefully to Broader Data Management

This has been a dramatic year for Informatica, a major provider of data integration software. In August it was acquired and taken private by Permira funds and Canada Pension Plan Investment...Read more

Datawatch Bolsters Data Preparation for all Information Assets

The need for businesses to process and analyze data has grown in intensity along with the volumes of data they are amassing. Our benchmark research consistently shows that preparing data is the most...Read more

Workforce Management for Human Capital Management

Historically workforce management has been centered on tracking time and attendance, absences and leaves. Organizations view the time and attendance system as the top priority to integrate with the...Read more

New Generation of Human Resources Management Systems

Ventana Research defines a human resources management system (HRMS) as the set of applications and associated processes that store and manage the employee information used by an organization’s human...Read more

Product Information Management Trumps Master Data Management

Ventana Research defines product information management (PIM) as the practice of using information, applications and other technology to effectively support product-related processes across the...Read more

The State of Product Information Management Software for Business and IT

The importance of product information management (PIM) has become clear in recent years and especially as it relates to master data management. As I recently wrote handling this business process...Read more

A New Generation of Analytics Offers Help for Sales

All lines of business are under pressure to meet targets and deliver expected results, but none is under more pressure than Sales. Like other organizations it must use information to derive insights...Read more

SAP is a Factor for HCM Success

Maximizing the performance and value of people in the workforce should be a primary focus for any business these days. It is a complex task, especially for larger organizations, and chances for...Read more

The Establishment of Data Preparation

Data is an essential ingredient for every aspect of business, and those that use it well are likely to gain advantages over competitors that do not. Our benchmark research on information...Read more

MicroStrategy Powers Up Security for Analytics and BI

At its annual MicroStrategy World conference, this provider of analytics and business intelligence systems for business and IT introduced a new version of its flagship product, MicroStrategy 9s....Read more

Sales Agenda for Applications and Technology in 2015

Most people in business management admit that sales is more an art than a science. Organizations have long struggled to find the right mix to improve its effectiveness, and few get the most out of...Read more

Big Data Research Agenda and Trends are Bolder in 2015

Big data has become a big deal as the technology industry has invested tens of billions of dollars to create the next generation of databases and data processing. After the accompanying flood of new...Read more

Research Agenda: What Matters for Human Capital Management in 2015

Managing investments in people and their performance is critical to every organization. It also is complicated. To support the various aspects of human capital management (HCM), organizations often...Read more

New Generation of Learning Management Systems Delivers Business Value

As organizations look to improve the competency and skills of their workers, learning management system (LMS) technology can help improve their efforts. Our latest benchmark research...Read more

Research Agenda: Technology Innovation for Business in 2015

This year presents much opportunity for organizations to use a new generation of technology to compete better, be more efficient in their business operations and engage their workforces to their full...Read more

Managing Sales Compensation Requires Commitment

Sales organizations are under constant pressure to maximize their potential. To accomplish this they need to integrate their people and processes with those of the finance and operations groups and...Read more

Beqom Simplifies Compensation in Sophisticated Ways

It is more important than ever for businesses to attract and retain the best talent, and managing compensation effectively is an essential tool for doing so. Obviously companies must pay well to...Read more

Profisee Simplifies Master Data Management

Organizations today create and collect data at ever faster rates, and this introduces challenges in ensuring that data is not just managed but used in a consistent manner for a range of operational...Read more

Integration of Big Data Involves Challenges

Big data has great promise for many organizations today, but they also need technology to facilitate integration of various data stores, as I recently pointed out. Our big data integration benchmark...Read more

Payroll Management Software Rated in 2015 Ventana Research Value Index

To help companies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their payroll management processes, we have assembled our 2015 Value Index for Payroll Management. It evaluates vendors of payroll...Read more

Big Data Requires Integration Technology

The market for big data continues to grow as organizations try to extract business value from their own masses of data and other sources. Earlier this year I outlined the dynamics of the...Read more

Salesforce Analytics Cloud Delivers Wave of Elegant Dashboards

At this year's Dreamforce more than 140,000 people gathered in San Francisco to share the excitement about the use of technology for business.’s annual conference has reached megashow...Read more

Oracle Provides Cloud Platform and Applications for Everyone in Sales

At its Oracle OpenWorld the multibillion technology provider showcased the breadth and depth of its cloud computing applications and platform. Chairman Larry Ellison proclaimed it the only unified...Read more

The Future of Integrating ERP and Applications in the Cloud

In recent years line-of-business applications including accounting, human resources, manufacturing, sales and customer service have appeared in the cloud. Cloud -based software as a service (SaaS)...Read more

Teradata Takes Bigger Approach to Big Data

Teradata continues to expand its information management and analytics technology for big data to meet growing demand. My analysis last year discussed Teradata’s approach to big data in the...Read more

Xactly Delivers New Inspiration for Sales to Maximize its Potential

In an analyst perspective at the beginning of this year I wrote that sales organizations must step beyond conventional wisdom to generate the best outcomes. One such step is to invest in...Read more

Informatica Unveils New Platform and Tools for Information Optimization

At the Informatica World 2014 conference, the company known for its data integration software unveiled the Intelligent Data Platform. In the last three years Informatica has expanded beyond data...Read more

Pitney Bowes Brings New Software for Better Business Insights

I recently attended the 2014 global analyst summit in San Francisco hosted by Pitney Bowes, an old technology company (now in business for 94 years) that has a new focus in its software along with an...Read more

Qvidian Helps Sales Optimize Execution

Few sales organizations realize their full potential, partly because they don’t execute well. We urge organizations to move beyond conventional wisdom in how they think about executing sales...Read more

Successful Sales Forecasting Requires Dedicated Technology

Sales forecasting is an essential process for most businesses. It helps guide the efforts not only of the sales function but also of finance, operations, manufacturing and customer service. Our...Read more

Equifax Delivers Insightful Analytics for Compliance with Affordable Care Act

Pressure to comply with requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a looming challenge for most organizations today. Many go through numerous manual iterations such as running reports and...Read more

Technology Makes a Difference for Location Analytics

Our latest benchmark research into the market for location analytics software finds significant demand for location-related technology that can improve business outcomes and generate relevant...Read more

Cloudera Makes Hadoop a Big Player in Big Data

I had the pleasure of attending Cloudera’s recent analyst summit. Presenters reviewed the work the company has done since its founding six years ago and outlined its plans to use Hadoop to further...Read more

Oracle Has Sunny Forecast for Cloud Computing

At Oracle’s recent cloud computing analyst summit in sunny Palm Springs, the company’s executive team insisted that it sees clear skies for its efforts in cloud computing. The summit was led by...Read more

SAS Unifies Big Data for Business and IT

Many businesses are close to being overwhelmed by the unceasing growth of data they must process and analyze to find insights that can improve their operations and results. To manage this big data...Read more

Location Analytics Delivers Geographic Insights

Adding geographic and location context to business information enables organizations to develop fuller understanding and optimize the activities of people that use the information. We call this...Read more

The Sales Forecast Requires Commitment not Status Quo

In today’s highly competitive sales environment, where success depends on meeting the specific needs of buyers, an accurate and timely sales forecast is a critical tool for optimizing business...Read more

Wearable Computing is in Fashion and Ready for Business

In the near future, technology will be something we wear or attach comfortably to our bodies. Wearable computers have been evolving for some time, and while that might seem futuristic to...Read more

Oracle Modernizes HR with Mobile and Wearable Computing

At Oracle’s first-ever HCM World conference, the technology company demonstrated its commitment to human resources customers, explaining its strategy for Modern HR in the Cloud, which is focused on...Read more

MicroStrategy Reveals New Generation of Analytics for Cloud and Mobile Computing

At its recent MicroStrategy World 2014 conference, the enterprise software company introduced a portfolio of products to make it easier to perform analytics and make them easier to access through the...Read more

The Challenge for Sales in 2014: Stepping Beyond Conventional Wisdom

It should be no surprise for those who work in sales that increasing outcomes collectively is not always easy. Sales teams and individuals work under pressure to perform at high levels, selling more...Read more

Big Data Offers Business Opportunity for Information Optimization in 2014

Businesses are always looking for ways to grow and to streamline their operations. These two goals can come into conflict because as organizations become larger it becomes more complicated to be...Read more

IBM Bets a Billion to Mobilize Watson Business Unit and Monetize Cognitive Computing

With much fanfare and a rarely seen introduction by CEO Ginni Rometty, IBM launched IBM Watson as a new business unit focused on cognitive computing technology and solutions, now being led...Read more

Research Agendas for 2014: Optimizing the Use of Technology for Business

Greetings, everyone, and best wishes for a great start to 2014. In this new year, utilizing best practices and skills learned in 2013 will be critical for optimizing the use of efforts to support...Read more

Agility Provides Simplicity and Innovation in Product Information Management

The need to be effective in the marketing, selling, manufacturing, distributing, and sourcing products requires more consistent and higher quality product information. This is where product...Read more

Ventana Research Technology Innovation Awards Are More Than Cool

In the realm of technology that matters for business and IT, our firm as part of our responsibility continually assesses the latest technology and how it can impact organizations’ efficiency and...Read more

Rationalizing the Tyranny of Visual Anarchy

It has become evident from the advancements we’ve seen in the business analytics market that the use of visualization is now becoming mainstream. In my analysis of the market last year I wrote about...Read more

Cisco to Foster Smarter Network of Data by Acquiring Composite Software

Cisco Systems has announced its intent to acquire Composite Software, which provides data virtualization to help IT departments interconnect data and systems; the purchase is scheduled to...Read more

Datawatch Acquires Panopticon for Big Data Discovery and Visualization across Business Processes

Business analytics can help organizations use data to find insights that lead to new opportunities and address issues unrecognized before. One player in this market is Datawatch, known for its...Read more

Informatica Has New Vibe for Information Optimization

Information management is important to every line of business that seeks to improve its business processes and decision-making. In response to pressure from those departments, CIOs and IT...Read more

Anaplan Innovates Business Modeling and Planning

Anaplan’s software is designed to help organizations across finance, sales and operations improve accuracy, timeliness and collaboration in their business analytics and planning. I recently attended...Read more

Xactly Makes Objectives the Incentive for Improvement

Sales organizations and individuals strive to reach their quotas and get paid the maximum commissions for their performance. In support of these goals, software vendor Xactly offers a suite of...Read more

SAP HANA is Technology Platform of Choice for SAP

At this year’s annual SAP user conference, SAPPHIRE, the technology giant showed advances in its cloud and in-memory computing efforts. It has completed the migration of its conventional application...Read more

Teradata Brings In-Memory Computing and Data Discovery to Big Data

Teradata recently gave me a technology update and a peek into the future of its portfolio for big data, information management and business analytics at its annual technology influencer summit. The...Read more

Four Types of Discovery Technology For Using Big Data Intelligently

Information technology for business is changing rapidly as organizations demand innovation to help them discover insights and facts. Our research into business technology innovation found...Read more

Oracle Aims To Simplify IT and Innovate Your Business

I was recently at Oracle Analyst World which is the vendor’s annual gathering of technology industry analysts. Its executives and others in the products organization deliver the latest news on where...Read more

Datawatch Enables a New Generation of Information Optimization

When organizations need to optimize their business processes and improve operations and decisions, the often speak of having the right information at the right time, but don’t always make that a...Read more

Businesses Can Turn to Scribe for Integration in the Cloud Anytime

Businesses continue to try to increase productivity and simplify tasks in order to use their time smarter. Our recent business technology innovation research found that, when it comes to...Read more

Tidemark Leads New Wave of Innovation in Planning and Performance Excellence

Organizations succeed through continuous planning to achieve high levels of performance. For most organizations planning is not an easy process to conduct. Planning software is typically designed for...Read more

Business Leads the Way to Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has given business a new way to improve the effectiveness of business processes and ultimately the outcomes of their efforts. In the last five years, business across marketing,...Read more

The Big Deal with Big Data is More Valuable with Kapow

Using information from applications and services across both the enterprise and Internet just got simpler with Kapow Software and the announced release of Kapow Enterprise 9.2. I...Read more

Vitria Brings Power of Big Data and Business Analytics to Operational Intelligence

For almost two decades, Vitria has been harvesting data across networks and systems and using events to drive operational intelligence using the science of complex event processing (CEP). The company...Read more

SAS Makes Analytics Pay Dividends for Business

I recently attended the annual SAS analyst summit to hear the latest company, product and customer growth news from the multi-billion-dollar analytics software provider. This global giant continues...Read more

Informatica Establishes Order from Information Chaos

I recently attended the annual Informatica analyst summit to get the latest on that company’s strategy and plans. The data integration provider offers a portfolio of information management...Read more

Information Optimization is a Key Benefit of Big Data Investments

Data is a commodity in business. To become useful information, data must be put into a specific business context. Without information, today’s businesses can’t function. Without the right...Read more

EMC Looks to Be Pivotal for Big Data

The big-data landscape just got a little more interesting with the release of EMC’s Pivotal HD distribution of Hadoop. Pivotal HD takes Apache Hadoop and extends it with a data loader...Read more

SnapLogic is Making Big Data Integration as a Service a Hadoop Reality

SnapLogic, a provider of data integration in the cloud, this week announced Big Data-as-a-Service to address businesses’ needs to integrate and process data across Hadoop big data...Read more

Hortonworks Takes Hadoop to the Windows of Microsoft

Business is starting to realize that taking advantage of big data is not just technically feasible but affordable by organizations of all sizes. However, as outlined in our agenda on big data and...Read more

Big Data is Broken Without Integration

Big data involves interplay between different data management approaches and business intelligence and operational systems, which makes it imperative that all sources of business data be integrated...Read more

Big Data Search is Getting Better with LucidWorks

LucidWorks addresses the growing volume of information now being stored in the enterprise and in big data with two products aimed at the enterprise with search technology. Though you may not be...Read more

Why Business Intelligence Software is Failing Business

Business intelligence software is supposed to help businesses access and analyze data and communicate analytics and metrics. I have witnessed improvements to BI software over the years, from mobile...Read more

New Generation of Location Analytics

Business analytics have become mainstream in most organizations. Our latest research in technology innovation found analytics was the top-ranked technology in 39 percent of organizations....Read more

Pitney Bowes Advances Spectrum for Information Management

Managing data efficiently across the enterprise continues to be a large challenge for both business units and IT. Organizations need data supplied in a consistent format and timely manner to help...Read more

Splunk Provides Operational Intelligence in the Cloud

Splunk’s innovated ability to access and use machine data for targeted operational insights can help improve IT and enhance business operational efficiency. Its work to capitalize on big data was...Read more

IBM Provokes Social Collaboration and Smarter Workforce Revolution

IBM held its 20th annual IBM Connect conference (previously known as Lotusphere) as part of its IBM Social Business efforts at the end of January. The conference focuses on business and social...Read more

Technology Innovation in 2013 is a Business and IT Priority

The proper use of technology enables businesses to be more efficient. Our recent research into technology for business innovation found that 56 percent indicate innovative technology is...Read more

The Secrets to Big Data and Information Optimization Revealed in 2013 Research Agenda

Managing the access, storage and use of data effectively can provide businesses a competitive advantage. Last year I outlined what the big deal is in big data, as the initial focus on the volume,...Read more

The Business of Sales and Marketing – Our Research Agenda for 2013

Most organizations see improving the effectiveness of sales as a way to increase productivity. Those organizations that take advantage of the latest sales applications and technology are finding...Read more

Happy New Year: Build on Foundation of Lessons Learned in 2012

Happy New Year to all my readers and followers. I hope everyone has gotten some rest and is ready for a great 2013. 2012 was a busy year in which we saw a critical inflection point, where an elevated...Read more

Equifax Workforce Solutions for Human Capital Management

Businesses need to simplify HR and compliance processes to save time and reduce risk. Talx, which helps employers address concerns in hiring, pay and compliance, has now assumed the name of its...Read more

IBM Watson Advances a New Category of Cognitive Computing

IBM Watson blends existing and innovative technology into a new approach called cognitive computing. At the simplest operational level it is technology for asking natural language-based...Read more

The Big Deal in Big Data is a Big Opportunity

Big data was big news in 2012 and probably in 2013 too. The Harvard Business Review talks about it as The Management Revolution. The Wall Street Journal says Meet the New Boss: Big Data,...Read more

Product Information Management is for Business

To maximize the potential of their investments, businesses must manage product information, yet for many businesses product information is scattered and duplicated in many systems, which leads to...Read more

Top Priorities for the Next Generation of Workforce Management

Since the early ’80s, when I personally experienced the transition from written time cards to cards for swiping on a time clock at a grocery retailer I worked at, I have been interested in the...Read more

Informatica Optimizes Data Integration for Big Data and Cloud Computing

The technology ecosystems are expanding rapidly and the use of big data and cloud computing challenge organizations to process information efficiently and deliver consistent high-quality data. To...Read more

Quill Brings a Narrative of Insights to Business Analytics

Business analytics has become the highest ranked technology innovation, according to our benchmark research on business technology innovation, but a lack of trained resources and...Read more

A Decade of Research at Ventana Research

I’m happy to say that Ventana Research celebrated its tenth anniversary at our recent Business Technology Innovation Summit in San Jose at the Tech Museum. This location was fitting, since at...Read more

Social Media Stupidity in the Technology Industry

If you follow my writing, you’ve seen blog posts with titles such as Industry Exposé: Technology Vendors Skew Analysts and Influencers and Industry Analyst Art or Fiction: Questionable...Read more

Can Business Trust Microsoft for Mobile Technology?

Mobile technology continues to advance weekly, with new software releases and new versions of devices. Though it has been in the headlines frequently in recent weeks, can Microsoft really change the...Read more

Building Your Workforce Into a Strong Tribe

TribeHR has brought to market an HR application suite that uses social collaboration to empower workers and managers to perform tasks that might once have been done mostly by HR professionals,...Read more

Kronos Takes Tablets and Tasks to Workforces

Workforce management software vendor Kronos released its financial results at its 15th annual KronosWorks conference (#KronosWorks12) this week. As a private company Kronos had $870 million in...Read more

The Big Data in Teradata

At the recent Teradata’s annual Partners user conference, the company outlined its expanding role as a provider distributed information architecture technology. My colleague Tony Cosentino...Read more

IBM Makes Big Deal of Big Data

At its annual IBM Information on Demand 2012  (IOD) and Business Analytics Forum, IBM unleashed a broad range of news concerning big data and analytics. It showcased its recently announced...Read more

The Red Hot Business Intelligence Vendors for 2012 Revealed in Value Index

Ventana Research has just released the 2012 Value Index for Business Intelligence, in which we evaluate the competency and maturity of vendors and products. Our firm has been researching this...Read more

SAP Provides Facts over Fiction on SAP HANA and Launches NetWeaver in the Cloud

At the SAP TechEd conference in Las Vegas this week, the global software giant unveiled the latest versions of its technology, platforms and applications across the cloud, mobile and on...Read more

SumTotal Systems HCM Portfolio Advances in a Mobile and Social World

During its annual industry analyst summit this week, human capital management software vendor SumTotal Systems introduced new heads of finance, marketing and sales, and talked about...Read more

In HR Technology, Social and Mobile Are Hot and Becoming Business Necessity

This week I’m at the 2012 HR Technology Conference (Twitter: #HRTechConf) where the scene is more than cool – it is hip. In the past several years technology for human resources – now more...Read more

Industry Analyst Art or Fiction: Questionable Technology Predictions

I recently wrote about how technology vendors attempt to skew analysts’ and influencers’ research from the edit and review cycles controlled in financial contracts to payment for placed...Read more

Industry Exposé: Technology Vendors Skew Analysts and Influencers

In my more than a decade of writing on the trends and direction of the technology industry, occasionally I have talked about the dark side of technology industry analysts. In that vein, I wrote...Read more

Oracle Fusion for CRM and HCM Ready with a Mobile Tap

I attended Oracle’s annual OpenWorld conference this week. The company claims it holds the world’s largest technology conference, with 50,000 attendees and a million people viewing sessions online....Read more

Informatica Goes Heiler for PIM and Product Information Management

Informatica is a Hot vendor when it comes to our Value Index for Data Integration. When it comes to meeting the business need for consistent and high-quality product information, Informatica...Read more

Plumbing the Salesforce Clouds is Your Business

Salesforce is a global software-as-a-service (SaaS) company to be reckoned with. The swarming crowds at its Dreamforce event last week were estimated to exceed 90,000. The company is...Read more

Salesforce Struggles to Deliver on the Dream of Analytics

I was at the Dreamforce conference this week to hear about the latest advancements from the cloud computing software giant. Salesforce has helped revolutionize cloud...Read more

Are You Dreaming Social? Salesforce Is!

The annual Dreamforce conference (Twitter: #DF12), just underway, may be the largest software conference ever, with attendance, physically and on the Internet, expected...Read more

Oracle Presents a Taleo Future for Human Capital Management

I attended Taleo World to see how well Oracle is integrating Taleo after acquiring the company in 2012. I assessed the announcement by Oracle earlier this year; it was clear then that Oracle needed...Read more

Look Who’s Hot in Data Integration for 2012

Ventana Research has just released the 2012 Value Index for Data Integration, in which we evaluate the competency and maturity of vendors and products. Our firm has been researching this...Read more

IBM Making Billion-Dollar Bet on Kenexa for Social Business and Talent Management

IBM has announced its intention to acquire Kenexa as part of IBM Smarter Workforce initiative and social business software division. It’s a billion-dollar-plus investment to bolster IBM’s...Read more

The Stupidity of KPIs in Business Analytics

In my last rant, on business analytics and the pathetic state of dashboards, I pointed out significant flaws in business intelligence software created by technology providers and in how it is...Read more

The Pathetic State of Dashboards

We have been assessing vendors and products in the business intelligence market as part of our Value Index for almost 15 years. We have written about the swirling world of business analytics,...Read more

Stibo Is Red Hot for Product Information Management

When it comes to managing product information, organizations know they have room for improvement; only 27 percent trust their efforts completely, and less than a fifth (19%) are very satisfied with...Read more

Anaplan is on a Mission for Planning Driven Performance Management

When it comes to the task of managing performance, many organizations still find themselves fixated on the past rather than planning for improvement in the future. When performance management...Read more

CIOs Need to Make Information Management a Real Priority

Our recent benchmark research on information management uncovered some startling facts about the level of technology adoption necessary for efficient information-centric organizations....Read more

Product Information Management Is Hot for Business

Ventana Research has just released our 2012 Value Index for Product Information Management (PIM), in which we evaluate the competency and maturity of vendors and products. Our firm has been...Read more

WorkForce Software Focuses on Effective and Efficient Workforces

Our research agenda for 2012 in human capital management outlined the importance of workforce management for all organizations. One provider, WorkForce Software, provides systems that...Read more

Sales Performance Management Is Red-Hot with Applications

We have just released our 2012 Value Index for Sales Performance Management (SPM), in which we evaluate the competency and maturity of vendors and products. Our firm has been researching this...Read more

Kognitio Brings Big Data Experience to Business Analytics

Kognitio has been serving the analytics and data needs of organizations for more than 20 years with an in-memory analytics platform that meets many of the big-data needs of today’s organizations....Read more

Roambi Provides Digital Platform for Mobile Business

The demand for business information on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets continues to increase, while the technology to support it has not. In our benchmark research on information...Read more

Total Compensation Is Hot in Human Capital Management

We have just released our 2012 Value Index for Total Compensation Management (TCM), in which we evaluate the competency and maturity of vendors and products. Our firm has been researching...Read more

The Mandate for Social Collaboration in Business

It is hard to avoid seeing the impact of social media on our daily work, from marketing and sales to customer service. Consumers and customers can interact on the Internet to share their experiences...Read more

Globoforce Engages Employees with Social Recognition

The use of social collaboration to support human capital management is increasing as the need to engage talent becomes a higher priority in organizations. In particular, those that have a growing...Read more

Get Sales Applications That Make You Smarter and More Engaged

It’s clear that sales organizations need to be efficient, but many are unaware of critical applications they could deploy to establish sales excellence. In my recent analysis, “Sales Organizations...Read more

Pitney Bowes is Transforming Customer Communications

Pitney Bowes (PB) opened its annual technology summit (Twitter: #TechSummit12) with a review of its organizational assets and its rich history of engineering hardware and systems for physical and now...Read more

IBM Advances Predictive Analytics for Decision Management

At its Business Analytics Analyst Summit (Twitter: #IBMBAS12) this week, IBM unveiled its new release of analytics software for decision management. Over the last 25 years decision support...Read more

Hortonworks Leads a Fast and Growing Herd of Hadoop

Hadoop, the big-data technology, has transformed businesses’ ability to cost-effectively store and process large volumes of data for analysis. Numerous companies have invested in supporting Hadoop,...Read more

Planview Helps Direct Business and IT Portfolios to Optimal Outcomes

Business has been getting smarter about using technology for analyzing processes and optimizing outcomes, but still has much room for improvement when it comes to operational management. Traditional...Read more

Enterprise Revolution of Predictive Analytics with Version 6

In our benchmark research in predictive analytics we’ve uncovered some intriguing tools for taking advantage of big data in the enterprise. Revolution Analytics, which...Read more

Teradata Aster Standardizes Access to Hadoop with SQL-H

Using Hadoop just got easier, thanks to Teradata’s introduction of SQL-H, a new query interface to analyze data from Hadoop.  Most Hadoop access methods require preprocessing and...Read more

SuccessFactors Connects People with New Applications

I attended SuccessConnect (Twitter: #sconnect), the annual SuccessFactors conference, to hear the latest from this talent management applications company. A lot has changed for the formerly...Read more

New Generation of Big-Data Analytics with 1010data

At first I thought 1010data just developed a faster data warehouse technology to be used with business intelligence tools. After a recent briefing, however, I learned  that it provides...Read more

Talemetry Finds and Verifies Candidates Better than Others

Talent Technology software finds and verifies candidates for hire in organizations that use it, as I discussed in my analysis last year. The company’s...Read more

Information Builders Advances Business Analytics and Big Data

More than 1,000 people attended the 32nd annual Information Builders Summit conference this week to learn about the company’s advances in big data, business analytics, cloud computing, mobile...Read more

ADP Aims To Dominate Human Capital Management

Acquisitions and new product releases continue to make the market for human capital management a hotbed of activity, as organizations attempt to fully utilize and increase the value of their...Read more

Xactly Helps Sales Go Mobile and Get Smarter with Incent 8

Businesses aim to make their sales function as productive as possible, but they don’t always support that goal with investment in technology. I recently wrote about sales needing a swift...Read more

Opera Solutions Orchestrates Intelligent Applications using Big Data and Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics has the potential to help businesses increase the impacts of their actions by creating indicators that represent future outcomes based on existing behavior. This process becomes...Read more

SAP Brings Out New Voice and Strategy for the Cloud at SAPPHIRE

At this week’s SAPPHIRE NOW (Twitter #SAPPHIRENOW) annual conference, SAP unveiled a refreshed cloud computing strategy and released technology that addresses its new cloud computing business...Read more

Informatica 9.5 Supports New Generation of Big Data and Cloud Computing

Informatica has announced a major release, version 9.5, of its software platform, which will be generally available in June. The company’s data integration technologies will support the new...Read more

Kronos Supercharges Workforce Analytics with New Technology

Adoption of workforce analytics is increasing as organizations seek to recruit and retain employees more effectively and ensure that their people deliver the productivity they expect. According to...Read more

Sales Organizations Need a Swift Technology Kick

Our latest benchmark research on sales applications and technology reveals three trends sales organizations see as critical to improving their operations and performance: mobile technology like...Read more

Pentaho Business Analytics Brings Visual Discovery and More Big Data Support

With the release of Business Analytics version 4.5, Pentaho has expanded its platform and tools to address the needs of business and IT. The product has come a long way since the version 4...Read more

Kapow Software Harvests and Virtualizes Information and Applications for Business

Making business use of the vast amount of information on the Web and Internet along with a company’s intranet is no easy task. Kapow Software aims to help by providing tools to define and virtualize...Read more

InetSoft Empowers Organizations To Mobilize Business Analytics

Business intelligence software is increasingly mobile, becoming available via smartphones and tablets and now enabling planning and what-if scenarios to determine the impacts of changes that might be...Read more

Peoplefluent Advances Social Collaboration and Learning with Socialtext

This week Peoplefluent announced that it has invested in Socialtext, a company that provides social collaboration software at the enterprise level. With this strategic investment...Read more

Workday 16 Brings Simplicity and Mobility to Human Capital Management

Competition in the human capital management market rages on, with application suppliers racing to provide sophisticated applications that operate in the cloud. Cloud computing is a key factor in...Read more

NICE Transforms Customer Experience through Mobile and Interaction Intelligence

I attended NICE Systems’ annual Interactions (Twitter #Interaction2012) conference in Nashville to get the latest from this growing global software business that focuses on customer-centric...Read more

Datawatch Enables Business Analytics through Data Discovery and Virtualization

Thanks to Datawatch, businesses may find themselves buying and deploying fewer new business analytics and business intelligence tools. As I noted in my analysis last year, the company’s new...Read more

Splunk: Big Data Machine for Operational Intelligence

Splunk recently entered the financial markets as a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: SPLK) and also entered a new phase in its corporate growth. Splunk combines the power of search and discovery...Read more

IBM Makes Big Data Deal for Vivisimo and Supports Cloudera Hadoop

Through a series of acquisitions and organic development over the last five years, IBM has established itself as a leader in enterprise big data for business analytics. I recently wrote about...Read more

Datameer Advances Big-Data Analytics on Hadoop

The increasing pressure to store, retrieve and process data on an unprecedented scale in the enterprise has created a market for processes and tools to support it. Big data, as it’s widely known, is...Read more

TALX Provides New Elements in Workforce Analytics

The workforce analytics market continues to evolve as organizations seek to improve the time it takes to find insights and employer metrics in order to meet compliance requirements, mitigate risk and...Read more

IBM Will Take Varicent for Sales Performance Management

In an unexpected announcement this morning, IBM announced its intent to acquire Varicent to enter the sales performance management market. For IBM this is a strategic acquisition, since it...Read more

Cambridge Semantics Makes Intelligent Use of Information

The increasing volume of information within enterprises and on the Internet requires businesses to be smarter and more efficient in how they use it. One large challenge is navigating through...Read more

SumTotal Systems Sums Up Human Capital Management

Businesses’ strategic imperative to optimize human capital is creating significant energy in the market for applications used to attract, optimize and retain talent. Amid all the recent acquisitions...Read more

Can You Trust Salesforce and Rypple for Performance Management?

Salesforce has begun to toot its marketing horn about its new capabilities for performance management through its acquisition of Rypple, a provider of software designed for social collaboration for...Read more

The Jobscience of Human Capital Management

New human capital management solutions are entering the market, aiming to simplify recruiting, hiring, onboarding and managing employees. Many such applications focus on talent management for use...Read more

Saba Expands the Concept of Human Capital Management

Saba this week announced its acquisition of Human Concepts, which provides applications and tools for understanding and interacting with employees through visualizations based on the organizational...Read more

IBM Launches Smarter Analytics: Ready to Get Smart?

IBM this week launched a business initiative called Smarter Analytics to showcase the value of its technology and professional services in this area. The event, led by Steve Mills, head of...Read more

Ceridian’s Ambitious Agenda in Human Capital Management

I attended the Ceridian analyst summit (Twitter #CENAday) in Boston to see how the company  is expanding its business in HR-related software and services into human capital management...Read more

Human Capital Management Research and Educational Agenda for 2012

Utilizing the talents of everyone in the workforce is a critical priority for businesses. Savvy executives understand and are anxious to avoid the cost and time incurred in replacing trained,...Read more

The Business of Sales Research Agenda for 2012

Investing wisely in sales-related people and processes is a key to business success. In 2012, helping sales staff perform at their highest levels should be a top priority for management. That may...Read more

Alteryx’s Business Analytics Empowers New Generation of Data Artisans

I attended the Alteryx user conference called Inspire 2012 (Twitter: #Inspire12)  in Denver this week. This fairly new analytics software company has been gaining customers in a range of...Read more

Ventana Research’s Business Technology Innovation Research Agenda for 2012

Now finishing our first decade of providing research and education for business and IT professionals, we at Ventana Research have learned what it takes to improve the value of processes and...Read more

Informatica Advances Business with Data Integration for Social Media

Even in this recessionary economy Informatica has been defying spending constraints. At its annual analyst summit (Twitter #INFAAnalyst) the company unveiled its growth strategies. Informatica...Read more

A Taleo Tale: Oracle Reaches for Cloud Credibility

The acquisition frenzy in the enterprise software market continues. The announced acquisition of Taleo by Oracle will remove the independence of another successful cloud-based software company....Read more

Actuate Establishes Performance Analytics for Business Excellence

Business analytics and big data are common topics of conversation in the business and information technology markets, but these technologies are only building blocks to help businesses manage...Read more

Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile: Hands-On Review Finds Shortfalls

The stakes have never been higher for suppliers of interactive business intelligence. Our benchmark research on business analytics finds that businesses overwhelmingly (89% of participants)...Read more

MicroStrategy Infuses Social Media Intelligence into Marketing

I attended the annual MicroStrategy World in Miami to check on the progress this company known for business intelligence (BI) software has made in expanding into a mobile platform and tools...Read more

Top Ten Best Practices Learned from 2011 Technology Market Chaos and Stupidity

While we will wait until January to publish our recommendations for the new year, we can digest the lessons learned in 2011 within the technology markets and with Ventana Research right now. That’s...Read more looking for a Successful Rypple in Human Capital Management made a surprising announcement of its agreement to acquire Rypple, a software company that defines its product as a social goals application. I call this a surprise because...Read more

SAP Aims to be More Cloudy and Mobile in 2012 and Beyond

I attended the annual SAP Influencer Summit (Twitter #SAPSummit), at which executives from SAP meet with analysts and customers from around the world to discuss the company’s direction. Pointing out...Read more

NICE to Acquire Merced Systems for Excellence in Customer Service and Sales

NICE Systems last week announced an agreement to acquire Merced Systems, a provider of business applications for customer service and sales organizations. This acquisition slipped by with little...Read more

SAP Spends Big on SuccessFactors for Cloud Computing and Talent Management

In a move to invigorate adoption of its cloud computing and talent management applications, SAP has announced its intent to acquire SuccessFactors – a deal valued at US$3.4 billion . SAP’s...Read more

Kronos Puts Workers and Managers in Touch

At its 2011 KronosWorks annual user conference, the workforce management application provider advanced its agenda with the introduction of new applications to further its global presence....Read more

SumTotal Systems Optimizes The Use of Human Capital

I just attended the first-ever analyst summit (Twitter #SumAS11) of SumTotal Systems to learn more about the company’s people and products since my in-depth analysis from earlier in the year....Read more

Workday Rising while Oracle Sleeps in the Clouds

As Workday held its annual Workday Rising conference this week, it’s a good time to note the accomplishments of the company and to provide a fair and balanced coverage that has yet to be...Read more

Marketing Executives Aren’t Ready for the Social Explosion of Data

I had a chance to review the results of an interesting new global study of chief marketing officers (CMOs) by IBM, and I want to comment on some of its findings. Adding to the pressures...Read more

IBM Brings Business Analytics to Apple iPad

Fulfilling its intention to make it easier to access and use analytics and business intelligence, IBM released its Cognos Mobile application natively for the Apple iPad. Of course IBM is...Read more

SuccessFactors Takes Learning to a New Plateau

Attendees at the SuccessFactors Insights conference and those of us on Twitter socializing with the Insights11 hashtag in San Diego this week was designed for Plateau customers...Read more

Hiring Goes Digital with HireVue

A vendor I have been tracking and got to examine at the recent HR Technology Conference has a tool to help businesses improve their talent management that I had profiled this company in my...Read more

Visier Is a New Force in Workforce Analytics

In the last year some software vendors have been developing a new generation of workforce analytics that leaves pie and bar charts behind in their dashboards and reports in favor of a more intuitive...Read more

Is Oracle Social Network Worth a Look?

Oracle unveiled its Social Network at Open World, but it seems most in the industry weren’t aware of it – or maybe Oracle does not want  them to pay much attention to it. My...Read more

Cloudy Forecast for Oracle Fusion for CRM and HCM

I did not go to Oracle OpenWorld this year because it seemed the company was fixated on appliances and technology with little  emphasize on its Fusion applications business, which the focus on...Read more

The Unofficial Talent Management Guide for HR Technology Conference

The HR Technology Conference and Expo in Las Vegas that begins today will showcase an array of new applications for talent management. The array of applications and advancements to help...Read more

The Unofficial Business Technology Guide for HR Technology Conference

The HR Technology Conference and Expo in Las Vegas that begins today will showcase an array of new business technology innovations for human capital management and talent management. The...Read more

Dayforce Engages Workforces for Higher Productivity

Improving worker/manager collaboration becomes a top priority as organizations realize the impact of such collaboration on workforce productivity and profitability. One way to enhance that...Read more

Excentive Provides a Simpler Path to Total Compensation Management

Retaining talent and managing financials related to compensation should be a top priority for the HR and finance functions of companies, and many of them realize this. In our recent benchmark...Read more

Proposal Software Simplifies Key Aspects of Sales

Sales proposals can determine whether a deal is booked or lost. In most organizations the process of creating and delivering a proposal is manual and one-off, with many potential places for mistakes....Read more

WorkForce Software Can Simplify Managers and Workers Lives

A key component of workforce management software is to aid in scheduling and tracking time and attendance, streamlining interactions between managers and employees regarding these aspects of the job...Read more

Mercer Updates Total Compensation Management To Help Retain Talent

To retain talent, organizations must ensure that their workforce’s compensation is comparable to that of their industry peers. As part of this effort, they should integrate compensation reviews with...Read more

Taleo Innovates Talent Management with Social Media and Mobile Computing

At this year’s Taleo World conference in San Francisco, more than 1,600 Taleo customers learned about the company and its suite of talent management applications. A major theme of the...Read more

Salesforce Presents New Social Enterprise with Chatter, Mobility and Data

At the Dreamforce conference, (NYSE:CRM) CEO Marc Benioff unveiled the latest evolution of the company’s strategy and supporting technology for cloud computing and mobile technologies....Read more

Varicent Improves Sales Operations Efficiency

Sales organizations strive to maximize the performance of their staffs to meet quotas and revenue targets in an efficient manner. This focus is part of my agenda to help organizations innovate and...Read more

Get the Most from Dreamforce for Your Sales Force’s 2011 Dreamforce conference is under way. If you’re in sales and you use the company’s application, here’s how to gain the most value from your time at the conference.  Today,...Read more

Xactly What Sales Needs To Improve

In addressing the needs of their sales and operations teams to automate and improve performance, many organizations turn to providers of sales applications designed for specific activities. Many of...Read more

Gaining Sales Traction with Merced Systems

Looking to make your sales force more effective by automating its operations? Merced Systems can provide the traction your sales team needs. The company has been providing applications for more than...Read more

Cloud9 Delivers Sales Forecasting

If you want to hit the booking and revenue targets required to operate a business, you have to manage your sales forecast and pipeline. Optimally you should be able to monitor and act upon them any...Read more

Here’s What Marketers Should Do at Dreamforce

The largest cloud computing conference, Dreamforce 2011, operated by, is now upon us. This year attendance is estimated to be over 40,000, and there will be more technology- and...Read more

Qvidian: A New Player in Sales Efficiency and Effectiveness

Qvidian entered the market for applications in sales performance management in 2011. The company, formed from the merger of The Sant Corp. and Kadient, has introduced a new suite of applications for...Read more

ADP’s Provides Tools to Simplify Workforce Mobility

I recently got an update on mobile applications and strategy for smartphones from ADP, the $9 billion provider of applications and services in human resources, payroll and benefits. By acquiring and...Read more

Can We Trust Hewlett-Packard?

Just when it seemed that Hewlett-Packard’s new management team led by CEO Leo Apotheker had a growing and solidifying technology agenda that included mobile computing, yesterday it all changed. In a...Read more

eThority 5 Brings Analytics to Life

It is evident that business analytics is now a core business process in most organizations, but as our benchmark research on the topic shows, many have a lot of room to improve in how they use it. A...Read more

SHRM Helps Socialize Human Resources

I had the pleasure to drop into the 63rd annual conference of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in Las Vegas where over 18,000 human resources professionals came to learn, engage with...Read more

Two Elephants Face Off: Hadoop and Oracle

I stopped into the Yahoo Hadoop Summit (Twitter: #HadoopSummit) to see how far the open source Hadoop technology has progressed. This open source community has been advancing for years with support...Read more

PeopleFluent Brings New Face and Mobility to Talent Management

This week the management of Peopleclick Authoria renamed the company PeopleFluent, reoriented its vision and launched a new suite of applications. This effort is intended to hone its focus on the...Read more

Business Analysts, Take Control of Your Analytic Destiny

The recent buzz around business analytics has generated resurgent conversation about what businesses need from their data to optimize business processes and make better decisions. Our benchmark...Read more

Information Builders Advances Business Intelligence for Smartphones and Tablets

At this year’s Information Builders Summit, the company’s annual conference for users and analysts (Twitter: #Summit2011) in Dallas, the long-time supplier of business intelligence and...Read more

Pitney Bowes Committed to Customer Communications and Analytics

The Pitney Bowes Business Insight (PBBI) analyst summit and conference this week provided an opportunity to hear about the $5 billion technology provider’s strategy to become “the leader in...Read more

SAP’s Opens Road for HANA and Big Data at SAPPHIRE NOW

At this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW conference (Twitter: #SAPPHIRENOW) SAP demonstrated its in-memory computing technology and applications. SAP’s High Performance Analytic Application (HANA), which I think...Read more

SAP Brews New Human Capital Management for the Cloud

At SAP’s annual SAPPHIRE NOW conference (Twitter: #SAPPHIRENOW) this month, the company introduced a new portfolio of human capital management applications that will be available on many devices and...Read more

RIM Has a BlackBerry and PlayBook for Business

At its BlackBerry World conference earlier this month, RIM promoted its own tablet computer to challenge other providers’ tablet offerings. The BlackBerry PlayBook, which was unveiled at the...Read more

SAP Sales OnDemand Comes Alive in the Cloud and Mobile at SAPPHIRE NOW

At the SAPPHIRE NOW conference this week, SAP released the production version of the cloud-based Sales OnDemand software that it unveiled earlier in the year. There has been a lot of the esoteric...Read more

The New Mobile SAP Evolves Stronger from Sybase Investment

At the SAPPHIRE NOW annual conference, (Twitter: #SAPPHIRENOW) the advantage of the mobile technology SAP gained through its acquisition of Sybase is becoming evident. In a blog before the conference...Read more

Roambi Innovates Mobile Industry with Simpler Information and Analytics

To maintain a productive workforce, businesses need to be able to put information in front of users at every level, from executives to front-line managers. Mobile technologies such as smartphones and...Read more

SAP’s New Management and Products Faces the Future at SAPPHIRE NOW

It is no easy task to change the culture of a global technology company, especially one that has a very demanding customer base with high expectations for advancing its widespread product lines. This...Read more

MarkLogic Revs Up Information Applications with New Energy and Leadership

At this year’s user conference, it was clear that change is afoot at MarkLogic, whose technology platform enables users to access information more easily accessible within applications and...Read more

Datawatch Offers Shorter Path from Data to Information

Turning data into information for taking actions and making decisions has bedeviled businesses throughout the computer age. Many organizations have data in dozens of applications and legacy systems...Read more

The Agenda to Innovate and Maximize Revenue in Sales for 2011

The potential of any sales organization is measured by the people and the methods and technologies they use to sell products and services efficiently. Unfortunately, many organizations today still...Read more

HP’s New World Order according to Leo Apotheker

The new CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Leo Apotheker, has unveiled his vision of the future in the consumer and enterprise markets. His announcement carried some suspense after interviews in which he said...Read more

SAS Institute: The Multi-Billion Dollar Business Analytics Supplier

The just-concluded SAS Institute analyst summit (Twitter: #SASSB) provided the annual update on the company’s performance, strategy, products and customers. My analysis of last year’s event talked...Read more

Aquire Brings Fresh Face to Workforce Analytics

The state of the economy has intensified scrutiny of organizations’ people assets, and so we’re seeing new dialogues about human capital management. Deriving full value from the people in a workforce...Read more

SAS Institute: The Multi-Billion Dollar Business Analytics Supplier

The just-concluded SAS Institute analyst summit (Twitter: #SASSB) provided the annual update on the company’s performance, strategy, products and customers. My analysis of last year’s event talked...Read more

Human Concepts Brings Workforce Analytics and Mobility to the Cloud

Recently Human Concepts sold its personal organizational structure software OrgPlus to Administaff . Since it retains other products with the OrgPlus name, this step might seem puzzling, but it makes...Read more

SAP Retrofits Business Intelligence and Information Management to meet IT and Business Needs

SAP has reached a critical milestone in launching version 4 of its business intelligence (BI) and enterprise information management (EIM) product suite from its SAP BusinessObjects portfolio. These...Read more

Talent Technology Makes Generating Talent Efficient and Social

The talent management software market has and continues to consolidate dramatically through acquisitions. The trend is to bring together processes and applications for hiring, onboarding, performance...Read more

The Diminishing Science of Research in Technology Analyst Firms

The technology analyst industry has ended its barrage of exuberant predictions for the new year. After digesting all of these commentaries (some were a challenge, I admit), we need to stop our...Read more

The Business Technology Revolution in 2011

The new year has brought a revolution in business technologies that allows enterprises to roll out new applications, processes and services in record time. What used to take a business six months to...Read more

Informatica Focuses Integration on Lines of Business

At this year’s Informatica industry analyst conference (Twitter: #INFAAnalyst) to update the research and industry analyst community on its data integration and information infrastructure products....Read more

Social Media Ignorance in the IT Analyst Industry

Social media, the newest channel of communication across the Internet, is increasingly being used to influence, but also to deliver advice and research. I wrote about this revolution last year (See:...Read more

SumTotal Provides Clarity in the New Year

The new year started off with a bang in the human capital management software market as SumTotal Systems acquired GeoLearning, a leading learning management system (LMS) software vendor. If you...Read more

Callidus Muscles Up With ForceLogix – But Can It Step Up to the Plate?

In a very quiet and very subtle move, Callidus Software  (NASDAQ: CALD) has offered to purchase the assets of ForceLogix for about $3.75 million. This sales applications software company...Read more

The Headquarters Effect and

Wall Street has many leading indicators to work with, some serious – such as housing starts and the purchasing managers’ index – and some done a bit tongue-in-cheek. One of the latter is the Super...Read more

The Secrets behind’s Strategy

If you missed the biggest cloud computing conference,’s Dreamforce 8, (Twitter: #DF10) you missed an opportunity for insights into where CEO Marc Benioff is leading his company....Read more

Can Your Sales Force Trust

At the 2010 Dreamforce conference (Twitter #df10) in San Francisco, about 18,000 people gathered to learn about the latest in’s applications and technology. Attendees from sales...Read more

SAP Energizes CRM with Analytics and Interactions, But Will It Work?

At the SAP Global Influencer Summit (Twitter #SAPSummit) that I just assessed the company addressed, among many other things, its SAP CRM vision and recent advances. SAP has shifted its...Read more

SAP Elevates Technology Strategy for Enterprise Software and Solutions

At this year’s Influencer Summit (Twitter: #SAPSummit) SAP’s executive leadership team summarized the company’s progress in 2010 and described its plans for the coming year in a range of...Read more

IBM Struts Its Software Solutions and Middleware Stuff

This month at its annual global analyst summit, IBM Connect 2010 (Twitter: #Connect10), IBM updated its direction and strategy for enterprise software. The company’s group executive in charge of...Read more

HP Gives Up on Business Intelligence and Analytics Markets

No one has seemed to notice that in the last several months, Hewlett-Packard has quietly made changes to its participation in the enterprise software market; this will significantly change HP’s value...Read more

Microsoft Hopes for a Miracle with Windows Phone 7

Mobile computing isn’t new anymore. The capabilities of smartphones, among other things, enable businesses to run applications across an enterprise and workers to collaborate across business and...Read more

Saba Dedicates Itself to People and Collaboration

At its annual user conference in Boston, Saba provided insights to industry analysts on its progress over the last year and its direction for 2011. Best known for its learning management system...Read more

Teradata Advances Analytics across the Board

The battle for business analytics rages on. IBM, Oracle, SAP and SAS as billion dollar and larger companies each combine analytic computation and processing in the underlying data but Teradata...Read more

Plateau Brings Mobility to Talent Management and Simplifies Applications

At its 2010 user conference in Miami, Plateau Systems reviewed for analysts its progress in the market for talent management software. Plateau has a unified platform and suite of applications...Read more

IBM Brings Business Analytics and Information Management to Center Stage

This year IBM joined its annual Information on Demand conference with the new IBM Business Analytics Forum. Some 10,000 attendees came to learn about managing information assets using analytics for...Read more

SuccessFactors Takes a Calculator into the Cloud?

SuccessFactors is known for applications in performance and talent management but has been working to expand its portfolio more broadly into business. This year the company expanded its focus to...Read more

iWay Software Connects Salesforce Chatter to the Enterprise

It is not easy for businesses to make their operations more efficient, partly because their information systems do not provide notifications of events as they are happening. Most enterprise...Read more

HR Technology Conference Brings Insight to Opportunity

The annual HR Technology conference in Chicago provided a glimpse into the activities of HR organizations and their technology investments. It was a busy event with large attendance and much movement...Read more

Oracle Expands Its Playbook at OpenWorld

At its annual conference Oracle OpenWorld this year Oracle flexed its muscles as a technology giant. The company has been steadily growing through acquisitions to expand its database, middleware...Read more

Sneak Preview and Analysis: Oracle Fusion Applications for CRM and Sales Organizations

At Oracle OpenWorld this week the company announced its next generation of business applications call Oracle Fusion Application ,  , which Larry Ellison touted in his closing day...Read more

Sneak Preview and Analysis: Oracle Fusion Applications for Human Capital Management

At Oracle OpenWorld this week the company announced its next generation of business applications call Oracle Fusion Applications ,  which Larry Ellison touted in his closing day...Read more

IBM Makes Major Buy in Analytics Market with Netezza

IBM has announced its intention to acquire Netezza, one of the world’s fastest-growing providers of data appliances, for approximately $1.7 billion. Founded only 10 years ago, Netezza has over 500...Read more

Talent Management Market Contracts Further as SumTotal Acquires Softscape

The market for talent management software continues to consolidate as SumTotal will acquire Softscape to bring together a combination of customers, people and products that reaches more...Read more

IBM Opens a Page for GRC

IBM has announced its intention to acquire OpenPages, a privately held, Massachusetts-based software company focused on governance, risk and compliance (GRC). I noted that after the deal...Read more

ActuateOne Advances Information Platform with Analytics and Business Intelligence

Actuate has announced a major new version of its software called ActuateOne. Its technology is integrated in a single platform and set of tools for performance management, analytics, business...Read more

SAP Unveils Next Generation of Business Analytics

On Tuesday in Silicon Valley, SAP introduced its latest business software: business analytics applications for specific vertical industries. The event was kicked off by SAP co-CEO Bill...Read more

Informatica Cloud Asserts Its Strength

Recently I wrote a blog outlining a relatively new offering, Informatica Cloud. I questioned how many companies understood the need for data management and whether they would turn to a...Read more

Oracle Hopes Mark Hurd Brings New Herd of Business

At the eye of the tornado of accusations, rumors and gossip in Silicon Valley that began with CEO Mark Hurd’s departure from Hewlett-Packard are the internal politics and lack of management...Read more

ADP Acquires Workscape to Consolidate Talent Management Market

Consolidation activity increased in the market for applications in talent management or what I call workforce performance management as ADP announced and now has closed the acquisition...Read more

Kenexa Advances in Talent Management and Saves

Today was another inflection point for the talent management market and buyers of HR applications with the announcement that Kenexa is acquiring (NASDAQ: SLRY) pending...Read more

Infopia Launches Retail Analytics for E-Business

The rapid evolution of business on the Internet has dramatically changed many organizations’ strategies for growth and profitability, especially those in the retail sector. I have written about the...Read more

Operational Intelligence Gets Boost from eg solutions

The market for operational intelligence (OI) has grown as organizations realize the importance of having information in real time and in the right context. To accomplish this requires that...Read more

Workforce Analytics is Easy and Simple with Accero

To utilize a workforce effectively requires information about it and the ability to analyze that in the context of the business’s needs. Yet it has long been the case that the use of analytics and...Read more

IBM Antes Up for Marketing Applications by Acquiring Unica

In a second move indicating its seriousness about competing in the market for marketing software, IBM announced its offer to acquire publicly traded Unica Corp. Unica is one of the larger...Read more

HP Scandal Reflects on Enterprise Software Issue

The recent turmoil at Hewlett-Packard that went public with news of the resignation of CEO Mark Hurd is only superficially about the facts of the scandal or the question of who will be the new...Read more

Taleo Brings New Intelligence to Talent Management

Today’s intense competitive pressures demand that organizations utilize their human capital more effectively. Taleo has been steadily growing as a provider of talent management by offering its...Read more

Infor24 Makes Applications Simpler To Acquire and Integrate

The advent of cloud computing and renting of applications has provided another realm of opportunity for applications software vendors. Infor, which already is the third-largest in the world, is...Read more

Hadoop Gets Easier with Cloudera Version 3

Managing large volumes of enterprise data continues to challenge IT organizations as they deal with administration and storage of no longer just terabytes but now petabytes of data and costs increase...Read more

Research Finds New Adoption and Interest in Mobile Business Intelligence

The demand for access to business information and applications through mobile technologies such as the Apple iPhone and iPad, devices running Google Android or using RIM Blackberry is surging as...Read more

Kalido Does Data Governance Right

The proper management of data is ever more important and complex. Business people must have easy access to data from all over the enterprise, but unguarded access and distribution may enable users to...Read more

IBM’s Advances Business Analytics and Optimization in First Year

At its Business Analytics and Optimization (BAO) analyst summit in Washington, D.C., IBM provided direction on the state of its software and services in this category of business technology. This...Read more

Sales Compensation Easier To Manage with Varicent 7

To help sales teams to maximize their value to the company, sales operations and management must find the right balance of compensation and incentives to motivate them to achieve their quotas. To do...Read more

Information Applications is a New Technology Category Designed for Business and IT

In today’s world, without information there is no business. That is, without having the right information and making it available to the right people at the right time, an organization cannot be...Read more

Informatica Simplifies Cloud Integration with New Data Plugs

Businesses continually need to improve their abilities to utilize data generated by their activities and interactions. Retrieving, cleaning and sharing data are ongoing processes, and along with data...Read more

Plateau Advances Talent Management in the Cloud

The market for talent management continues to grow as organizations realize that they have not invested enough to make their workforces more productive and valuable. Not many human resources...Read more

Merced Systems Customer Summit Advances Sales and Customer Service Organizations

Many organizations want to improve the performance of their sales and customer service operations but have difficulty increasing efficiency and producing better results. One barrier to improvement is...Read more

iWay Software Deepens Information Management Expands to Cloud Computing

At the Information Builders 2010 conference I spent some time to learn about the latest in its business intelligence (BI) technology and also performance management, which my colleague has analyzed...Read more

Softscape Demonstrates Leadership in Managing Talent with New Release

Cliché or not, a business’s most valuable asset is its people, and for 15 years Softscape has been dedicated to providing applications that help human resources organizations handle a range of...Read more

Kronos Goes Usability and Mobility in New Releases

At its annual user conference in Las Vegas, Kronos unveiled the next stage of its approach to workforce management to its customers and partners, showing an aggressively confident posture after...Read more

Kronos Goes Usability and Mobility in New Releases

At its annual user conference in Las Vegas, Kronos unveiled the next stage of its approach to workforce management to its customers and partners, showing an aggressively confident posture after...Read more

Infrastructure and Analytics Power Oracle BI 11g to New Levels

At the Oracle Business Intelligence analyst summit in June, company executives touted the advances and accomplishments of Oracle Business Intelligence 10g over the last several years along with...Read more

Analytics, Integration Across the Cloud: Easier with Pervasive

I have written often about how business applications and services operating on the Internet must be interfaced to the enterprise. When businesses rent applications through software as a service...Read more

MicroStrategy Mobile BI is Simpler on Apple

At MicroStrategy World in Cannes, France, MicroStrategy announced today the general availability of MicroStrategy Mobile for the Apple iPhone and iPad. This release adds another means of getting...Read more

Use a New Generation of Business Metrics and Key Indicators That Matter Most

The market for business intelligence (BI) and performance management has grown as more businesses see the need to understand, optimize and align performance at all levels of employees. But while the...Read more

Hadoop Gets Easier with Cloudera Version 3

Managing large volumes of enterprise data continues to challenge IT organizations as they deal with administration and storage of no longer just terabytes but now petabytes of data and costs increase...Read more

Research Finds New Adoption and Interest in Mobile Business Intelligence

The demand for access to business information and applications through mobile technologies such as the Apple iPhone and iPad, devices running Google Android or using RIM Blackberry is surging as...Read more

Kalido Does Data Governance Right

The proper management of data is ever more important and complex. Business people must have easy access to data from all over the enterprise, but unguarded access and distribution may enable users to...Read more

IBM’s Advances Business Analytics and Optimization in First Year

At its Business Analytics and Optimization (BAO) analyst summit in Washington, D.C., IBM provided direction on the state of its software and services in this category of business technology. This...Read more

Sales Compensation Easier To Manage with Varicent 7

To help sales teams to maximize their value to the company, sales operations and management must find the right balance of compensation and incentives to motivate them to achieve their quotas. To do...Read more

Information Applications is a New Technology Category Designed for Business and IT

In today’s world, without information there is no business. That is, without having the right information and making it available to the right people at the right time, an organization cannot be...Read more

Informatica Simplifies Cloud Integration with New Data Plugs

Businesses continually need to improve their abilities to utilize data generated by their activities and interactions. Retrieving, cleaning and sharing data are ongoing processes, and along with data...Read more

Plateau Advances Talent Management in the Cloud

The market for talent management continues to grow as organizations realize that they have not invested enough to make their workforces more productive and valuable. Not many human resources...Read more

iWay Software Deepens Information Management Expands to Cloud Computing

At the Information Builders 2010 conference I spent some time to learn about the latest in its business intelligence (BI) technology and also performance management, which my colleague has analyzed...Read more

Merced Systems Customer Summit Advances Sales and Customer Service Organizations

Many organizations want to improve the performance of their sales and customer service operations but have difficulty increasing efficiency and producing better results. One barrier to improvement is...Read more

Softscape Demonstrates Leadership in Managing Talent with New Release

Cliché or not, a business’s most valuable asset is its people, and for 15 years Softscape has been dedicated to providing applications that help human resources organizations handle a range of...Read more

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