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  • Glad @allocadia is helping CMO manage marketing effectively! Not just resources or spend, everything! Great work! Thanks @jthomas_44 4 days ago
  • Congrats @datasift for materializing true business & social value of social media! Sweet examples! Thanks @rosejason with @TonyCosentinoVR 4 days ago
  • Nice work @Zuora on Subscription Economy - great update & you have proven why this is not done in ERP or accounting sw! with @rdkugelvr 4 days ago
  • Thanks @Savi360 for comprehensive update - making sensors & IoT a reality! We call it Operational Intelligence! Good insights! 4 days ago
  • Great to get to know @Salsify & value of Cloud & PIM - smart focus & expanding coverage of them soon! Thanks Jason! 4 days ago

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